Privacy Policy

The Greenslip King is serious about protecting the privacy of your personal information. All care will be taken by us in that undertaking. 

We collect personal information in person, by telephone, by fax, by email and through our website for the following purposes:

  • To identify you
  • To establish your requirements and provide products and services
  • To establish and manage our products and services
  • Make assesments and establish correct information in relation to insurance products guidelines we undertake as agents for various insurance companies
  • To determine correct policy rating and pricing as agents for various insurance companies

We provide your personal information to insurance companies, whose policies we distribule as agents - on their behalf.

In the course of conducting our general business we may need to request your credit/debit card informaiton for the purpose of applying a payment for an insurance product that you are purchasing from an insurer. To protect your privacy and personal information we routinely erase and shred that information which is accout and expiry related to your credit/debit card(s).